unconditioned, pure and whole

a child in the fifth year sees the world not with the false hope of expectations
but in the best circumstances with fearless faith 
that needs will be met; that every being encountered is a friend
or ought be...

and each morning as eyes open with the sun
a new adventure begins as a new story unfolds
boundless wonders await, such a marvelous prospect

gently, with small open hands
holding space for, like some sacred ceremony
blown adrift by even the laziest stir of wind
as if each phenomena were most delicate butterfly

but beautiful and compelling, fleeting even
yet world encompassing; all nature in accord
all attention, all presence at-one-with

clearly evident in a child's eyes; all in nature in oneness 
if only you take time to look

joyful compassionate anarchy
no separation and no clinging, free and responsive
the next breath leads immediately to laughter or to tears

but always quickly back again

as though this free heart carefully teeters; a ballet performed on a fir crown

fear and doubt and confusion arise
in the time it takes to name each of the ten-thousand things
the time, perhaps ten more times apple blossoms fall
but of what, some new threat? some antithetical heretical idea?

was there ever any real safety?

known but supplanted, it has all been here all along
all the thoughts arose at once in the First-Mind

history alone forgot
so why worry?

a child's blessing 

wasn't it just faith all along that all will be okay?

enough is enough

in the ultimate all is real
nature plays out as ever it has
with or without Mind's parsing and sorting by name
with or without Mind's parsing and sorting by form
with or without Mind's parsing and sorting by cause
with or without Mind's parsing and sorting by condition

in any of Mind's languages

grasping hands, 

clenched fists only squeeze themselves

dried and pinched of vitality, pain sets in
nerves agitated and no room between fingers can exist

for sand to fall through

no room for water to wash

no room for joy

until release

conditions forgotten, bright and empty
the mind does not exert itself

the antidote is wisdom
the releasing hand:
vitality pours in

bright and empty, functioning naturally

doubt and fear disappear in a flash

thirty-three flushes of dewey spring buds fill this belly

a name for everything 

and convictions: for and against


who is wise,

or could ever say so,

when a child's waking eyes

glistening with curiosity, boundless wonders await

a most marvelous prospect, indeed

the ultimate defeat is surrender  
relinquish self to friendship
relinquish to compassion
relinquish to selflessness


all attention, all presence at one with;
all nature in accord, all in nature at-one-ness

morning sunlight

clearly evident in a child's eyes