changing one thing into another
closing a season of fervor and life swirling
the green is tired

a flash of light
amber hues peek through

a flash of light
quilt of yellow draping root

a drop of water
the smell of earthen hues

dust bellows up in the wind
and into this news wraps feelings
these questions of what changes will come

travelers take leave
thoughts bellowing up in the wind
and in reviews wrap feelings
questions of what was,
what will, or what should be
past, present, future

smoke dancing in a hand
red dust in scratchy, squinting eyes
if there was no form to grasp
was what lost ever had?

bitter valley of winter
frost covered touches where once warmth sprang
slowed to a halt, a wanderer sat quietly in a cave
knowing the bottom is a fine place to start
even the coldest hell is home to Buddhas

and no realm is ever home for long

a still puddle lies in reflection
what change has already wrought
into this life or the next
chapters turn and turn
existence churn; a burning dance
yet no motion is discerned in reflecting water

shh... still is reflection
mind, body, heart
truth reveals itself