adventure follows where whim meets foot and foot meets road
a thought, a fleeting moment wherein a choice can be made
a volition to act on a thought followed
and fate giggled
as spin was set in motion
with a startle, a flash of fear
like cold water on the back of your neck
a choice was made, motion set
and one foot followed the other from the ferry's haven
to the cold wet stone of in-between

a temptation brings with it a moment for pause
to notice the passing of a familiar face
from here to there
a hug
an embrace of fond memory
and shared identity

the bittersweet wash of change comes
rolling over but reveals another
another familiar face
moving from here to there
and there again
dreams are spoken in gentle tones
whose sweet rhythm is accentuated
by the overtones singing from upturned corners
an embrace of things to come
of shared endeavor

come and go, go and return
the probability is good
that eyes will close soundly this late night
but not before the dance turns round
and brings the communion of new possibilities
and smoke and rain dance
here around, near to home
where not much farther awaits
the sweetest moonberry's embrace

a color for which no name can be spoken
the moonberry nourishes something warm
in waiting arms

soon morning comes
of gold and white
the sun rises in hushed tones